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Bespoke Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the focal point of any face. Having them beautifully arched, neat and full will not only give your face a natural lift, but also define the area around your eyes. If your eyebrows are feeling and looking a bit lackluster, why not opt for an eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow shaping? An eyebrow tattoo can permanently:

Add thickness to your brows

Add shape back into your brows

Strengthen and enhance the colour of your brows

Rectify minor issues

It is highly suitable for those looking to keep a regular and neat shape. The completed result is outstanding tattooed eyebrows that add beauty and definition to any face. The eyebrow tattooing process in itself is very straightforward. Like a normal tattoo, a trained specialist injects a coloured pigment into your skin. This pigment can then be used to correct, transform and enhance your eyebrows’ shape. As an experienced professional, I can permanently fine-tune your eyebrows to your exact requirements. I will also ensure that the end result looks as natural and complimentary to your skin as can be. With an eyebrow tattoo, you too can have the perfect brows – with minimal upkeep – for life