Empire Beauty Clinic offers advanced ultrasound cavitation, a fat reduction,  non surgical anticellulite and body contouring treatment that uses ultrasound to break down stubborn areas of fat. The process is sometimes referred to as “inch loss” because of the rapidity in which results can be seen. The treatment uses cavitation technology which allows for non-surgical attack of inflexible fat deposits that no matter how much you diet and exercise, never seems to disappear.

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  • Only 30 minutes
  • Inch loss you can see and measure
  • Safe and effective to rid superficial fat accumulation
  • Remarkably effective in eliminating cellulite
  • No pain, no surgery and no side effects

TELL ME MORE ABOUT ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is the latest technology to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. Ultrasound cavitation is a treatment that eliminates fat cells from the body safely, efficiently and non-invasively. We use targeted ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells without harming any other cells in your body. This effectively destroys the fat cells. This is a pain-free treatment with visible results and no down time. The damaged cells will then be flushed away via a natural removal process that continues for up to 2 months.

How does the treatment work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation sessions last up to 30 minutes, during which the ultrasound cavitation applicator is gently applied to the area of concern, using circular motions. The probe emits ultrasonic waves through the skin which stimulate the fat cells to break down. The ultrasound waves specifically target the stubborn, unwanted fat cells in your body, disrupting them to the point where they turn liquid. The fat is “cavitated” and basically “melts”, being turned into a liquid. The liquid is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Some of the melted fat will be used for energy and the rest will be filtered out by the kidneys and excreted through the urine – that is why drinking water is essential. The treatment is safe and relaxing. If at any time the treatment becomes uncomfortable, inform your practitioner, who will make adjustments. You may experience some temporary soreness following a cavitation session, but the treatment requires no downtime.

Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Really Work?

Yes, ultrasound fat cavitation provides real, measurable results. Various studies have tested the potential of this treatment and the benefits it can produce. Explore this by reading the independent journals on our research page. You’ll be able to see how much circumference you’ve lost using a tape measure — or by simply looking in the mirror. However, keep in mind that it only works in certain areas, and you won’t see overnight results. Be patient, because you’ll see your best results weeks or months after treatment. The results will also vary based on your health history, body type, and other unique factors. These factors affect not only the results you see but how long they’ll last.

What areas can be treated?

Many areas of the body can be treated with ultrasound cavitation, including the following: chin, arms, abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), back, hips, buttocks, inner thighs, front of legs, knees, outer thighs (“saddlebags”), hamstrings, and calves.

How many sessions will I need?

You might see results after just one treatment. However, most people will need a number of treatments before they get the results they’re hoping for. Between 3 and 12 sessions may be required. This depends on body mass and circumference size, age, hormonal balance, medications and your desired goals. Incorporating the eating suggestions included in your program will reduce the number of treatments that may be needed.

How much time should pass between sessions?

It is best to schedule your appointments a week apart and no closer than three days apart. It is essential to allow your body enough time to metabolize and excrete fats and waste materials after each session. Maintenance treatments are recommended with the first four taking place one month apart and then once every four months after that to maintain your results. Your therapist will design an optimal treatment schedule for you.

When will I see the results?

Most clients experience a reduction in circumference after the first session, with increasing results after each visit but especially after the third treatment and onward. The results may vary from person to person with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Proper diet, adequate water intake and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain your results. Results will continue to improve for several weeks following the last treatment session. You will continue to metabolize fat for up to twelve weeks, which means that, as most people do not make new fat cells in later life, the loss can be permanent. This procedure can also leave you with firmer, smoother looking skin than before, due to the possibility of including Radio Frequency Therapy, which encourages the fibroblasts within the skin to produce collagen.


Am I a good candidate for Ultrasound Cavitation Non-Surgical “Liposuction”?

Our system is ideal for people who are dissatisfied with a certain areas of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo any invasive surgical treatment like liposuction. A good candidate is someone looking for fat removal from a specific area such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, flanks or arms. The treatment does not necessarily result in overall weight loss, but results in improved shape & contour and size reduction in the treatment area. If you are currently following a healthy diet or a good weight loss plan, results will be more significant and weight loss will more likely occur. Ultrasound Cavitation is ideal for those who have tried to shift the stubborn fatty bulges with diet or exercise and are aiming for a smoother and more balanced shape. Ultrasound Cavitation “Liposuction” and RF body contouring is not a treatment for morbid obesity nor is it a weight loss cure. A consultation will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedures.

What are the contraindications?

Individuals with acute or contagious disease, HIV, a history of cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, fatty liver, implant devices such as pacemakers or electrical prosthesis, epilepsy or MS should not undergo ultrasound cavitation non-surgical “liposuction”. Pregnancy and breast-feeding are also contraindications for this procedure. Anyone with active contagious skin conditions will not be allowed to undergo treatments. It is also best to wait three to six months after a surgical procedure in the target area.

What if I have lost my weight and just need some lifting and tightening?

First of all, if you have lost your desired amount of weight, we applaud you for your success! If you have lost your weight and have saggy skin or cellulite that just won’t go away we can definitely help you! At your initial consultation, we will determine the best course of action for your needs. You may benefit from contouring, tightening and lifting using Radio Frequency therapies and may not need Ultrasound Cavitation at all. Our specialists will design a treatment program specific for your personal needs.

Can I go tanning?

It is recommended to refrain from tanning during your treatment program. If you must tan, please do not do so for at least three days prior to your Ultrasound & RF sessions. Tanning may cause you to become over sensitive to the Ultrasound and RF frequencies. If this is the case, your treatment may have to be suspended and you may risk forfeiture of the treatment session.

How do I maximise the results of my treatment ?

Maintaining a low calorie diet for 24 hours pre-treatment and three days post-treatment will help achieve the best results. This is to ensure your body utilizes the triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the fat cavitation process. It is recommended to drink at least 8  glasses of water per day before and after sessions. Drinking water is essential to eliminate the broken down fat and toxins that will be releasing from the cells. Refrain from any alcohol consumption for 2 – 3 days following your treatments. Alcohol is treated like sugar and your body will convert it into fat!