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Paramedical Procedures

Skin re-pigmentation is a positive solution to conceal imperfections by mimicking skin and restoring confidence. Each skin imperfection and scar is as unique as the living canvas it resides in. Each application is customized for each person to recreate the natural and unique features of the individual. Skin-regimentation, also known as camouflage tattooing, can camouflage imperfections for any skin tone.

Thousands of cells, hundreds of blood vessels, hair follicles, and melanocytes combine to make a unique blend of colors within the skin. It is important that the practitioner captures the characteristics of the skin for the most realistic outcome. The texture and size of the scar will not go away but the right blend of colors can make it less noticeable. Pigments are selected to closely match the surrounding skin then carefully tattooed to blend with it. The result is a natural skin like appearance.

Para-Medical Micro-Pigmentation can:


  • Camouflage scars and burns
  • Correct skin imperfections and defects
  • Create the illusion of areolas (ideal for mastectomy patients)
  • Create the illusion of hair (ideal for hair loss patients)
  • Remedy skin colour (ideal for vitiligo patients)
  • Fingernail replication
  • And more…

Paramedical tattooing is a wonderful – and safe – way of overhauling the features that are bringing you down. It is a relatively straightforward process as I simply inject a suitably coloured pigment into your skin. This pigment will then correct, transform and conceal your flaws in such a way that it will also enhance your natural beauty.
What Can I Expect?
The recovery time is relatively quick, just a few days for most. Usually, only a couple of sessions are needed to effectively camouflage the area. Scars should be fully healed to qualify for the camouflage procedure. Some medical conditions may need medical clearance from your GP.
We use the highest quality camouflage pigments that are formulated to look transparent once healed. Traditional tattoo pigments are completely different in that they look bright and bold when healed.