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Scar camouflage

The aim of re-pigmenting a scar is to diminish the visibility of the scar with regard to the adjacent healthy skin. In order to obtain a good colour match close examination of the scar and the surrounding skin is required. The scarred site must be a minimum of 1 year old as premature work on the scar tissue can create further damage to the skin.If the scarred site is still red or pink in colour, the tissue may not be healed sufficiently and not suitable to proceed with re-pigmentation.

Types of scars that can be treated with medical micro-pigmentations on the face and body:
•Scar tissue resulting from surgery
•Traumatic scars
•Self inflicted scars
•Burn scars
•Hypertrophic scars

Most scar re-pigment procedures will require 2-4 sessions, due to the area being damaged tissue. During and after the procedure the area will display redness and perhaps capillary breakage. The skin will not appear normal and camouflaged immediately after the initial procedure. This is part of the normal healing process. In most cases results are seen after 2 weeks.